We enjoy curating weddings. We enjoy new concepts. We enjoy what we do. Coming from a rich experience of over 25 years in hospitality, Wedlocks is a luxury Destination Wedding Company, providing services from Venue Booking, Hospitality, Food & Beverage Management, Travel & Logistics, Branding & Printing, Entertainment, Decoration and much more.

We do only Destination Weddings and we nail it. Believing in quality over quantity, we do at most 9-12 destination weddings in a given year and a single wedding at one time. One can trust us with innovating and designing their wedding, thanks to our 25+ years experience in the industry. A wedding is not only about beautiful and classic décor, it is actually about finding a solution at the earliest and executing it without taking too much time.

We have a very well-mannered & experienced team, a team that used to work in luxury Hotels. And therefore, we are always in-line with the Destination Hotel, since we all used to do what they are doing. You will see us during Lunches and Dinners assisting the Hotel staff in serving snacks, you will see our chef in the kitchen, you will see our own barmen at the bar (both assisting and watching the alcohol consumption), you will always have a Wedlocks member at the Help-Desk. In short, you need a safety pin that you forgot to bring from home? We have you covered. That’s a destination wedding for us!

At Wedlocks, we absolutely adore planning everything. We love coordinating and executing. The parent company ‘All Heavens’ is a hospitality company having 25 years of experience in the wedding industry. Wedlocks emerged from Hospitality. Destination Weddings is our only forte.

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