Wedding In Goa

If you are dreaming for an air of luxury and a classic wedding, backed by picturesque of blue waters, grounded by white sands and vibrant hues of tropical trees, on and around the beach, then you out to be dreaming of a wedding in Goa. Designing the ‘mandup’ right on the beach, and taking sundowner ‘pheras’, Goa is a paradise. What better than attending a wedding ceremony that oubles up as a relaxing holiday?

Reach: Direct flights from Delhi ( 2 hours 35 minutes) , Mumbai ( 1 hour 10 minutes) Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad. A nice drive from Mumbai (600 kms)

Ideal time for Wedding:We recommend October-May.

Planning Time: Since we are very ‘finicky’ about planning, Wedlocks require at least 3-5 months in order to coordinate, execute and master a wedding.